Unauthorised Broadcast

by Nick Lyons

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LONDON. Sept. 7.—A man who was passing a microphone in a London restaurant last night while a dance band was playing, shouted.

Debut album from a 19-year-old Adelaidean.
Recorded from December 2013 to September 2014.


released October 8, 2014

"Unauthorised Broadcast" (Album)
Nick Lyons - Composer, electronics, vocals (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6-8), drums (1, 4-6, 8, 9), percussion (1, 6-8), keyboard (1, 3, 4, 8), harmonica (4, 6-8), toy trumpet (1, 6, 8), recorder (5, 6), acoustic guitar (1), engineering, cover art
Publishing by Ascensionism Records



all rights reserved


Ascensionism Records Adelaide, Australia

Ascensionism Records is an independent digital record label, established in 2013.

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Track Name: Gaslighting
Catch the wave! (x3)
Track Name: Draconian Akrasia
Money can buy anyfing,
Yes, anyfing at all,
When someone owns your eyelids,
Your mouth has no price too small.

When you sit at the centre of your harem,
Mistress will want to know what you'd prefer,
Today, will it be the old rhinestone tiara,
Or your new ball gag?

Remember, the servants are fools,
They haven't earnt a single fing,
Remember, the servants are fools,
You don't owe them anyfing.
Track Name: Pyrrho
Pyrrho was a traveller,
He travelled to my mind,
I told him to get going,
He didn't leave me behind.

He took me to a waterhole,
Told me to close my eye,
I followed, he said, "Trust in me",
Then dunked my head inside.

The epsom filled my nostrils,
I thrashed and kicked and cried,
I crawled back to the surface,
But Pyrrho'd ran to hide.

I screamed, "Come out here, Pyrrho!"
Did he think that I'd gone blind?
He'd sneaked away behind me,
Holding wires intertwined.

He put those wires in my head,
Before I could decline,
I'd seen more than my fellow man,
Before my proper time.
Track Name: Língchí (to Haritsuke)
Inject it,
Inject it with the rain,
Stick the needle in its vein,
Let it feel no pain.

Drown it,
Drown it with your love,
Fill its lungs, my turtledove,
Let it rise above.

Cremate it,
Cremate it by the shore,
Burn it to its core,
Let it live for evermore.

Down with Mosley and his blackshirt cut-throats!

揃った, 揃った,
だるまさんが 揃った,
揃ったら 皆で 回そうじゃないか,
よいやさのよいやさ, よいやさのよいやさ,
よいやさのよいやさ, よいやさのよいやさ。

揃った, 揃った,
だるまさんが 揃った,
揃ったら 皆で 回そうじゃないか,
よいやさのよいやさ, よいやさのよいやさ,
よいやさのよいやさ, よいやさのよいやさ。
Track Name: Zenith
We evacuated the city. (x5)

We ran to the radio tower. (x5)

We found no signal there. (x3)

The ships had all sailed away. (x5)

The satellites had all fallen down. (x3)

We ascend today. (x4)